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Flower Talking: So they said these are the meanings of these flowers...

Flower Talking: So they said these are the meanings of these flowers...



A lot of people come to us and ask, what does a rose mean or a lily mean? Here are the TOP TEN list of flowers and the meaning of each individual one that we have managed to collect. We have arranged it, 1-Most Favourite Type of Flower to 10- Tenth most Favourite Flower according to our customer's purchase choices.

1. The Undoubtedly Famous RED Rose that you obviously knew meant Love, Yes! Passionate Love!

2. The Humble White Lily signifies purity. Truly, the White Lily is a favourite for every special occasion throughout the year, well, with Chinese New Year being an acception. Nonetheless, a new growing respect has been given to this flower for the Lunar New Year event in recent years. 

3. The Underestimated Purple Eustoma means to be Well-Spoken. Though the Eustoma looks fragile, it has always been mistaken for its outward appearance. Truth be told, a good Eustoma Flower can last well almost for ten days (yes, in Malaysian climate and conditions, it is LONG!)

4. The I-Smile-U-Smile Gebera Daisies. As long as CHEERFULNESS is intended for any occasion, it is highly unlikely that the Gerbera Daisies will fail you as a choice. It's wide range of colours and it's cheerful bloom just strikes a big smile across any recipient's face effortlessly, unless of course if the sender has a REAL face problem. OOops!

5. The  Expatriate's Favourite Flower Dendrobium Orchid. The dendrobium Orchid has a reputation of being a well-lasting flower and is definitely a top-of-the-list choice for Expatriates to Malaysia because of it's durability and tropical colours.

6. The Fragrantful Tuber-Rose. The Tuber Rose is well known for it's strong fragrance especially in the evening parts of a day. Normally it is closely related to sensuality and calmness.

7.The Least-Troublesome Carnation. Carnations symbolises fanscination but are more commonly known as flowers of gratitude to Mothers. It is a very lasting and perhaps one of the least troublesome flowers to tender. If you are a fan of colours, but are too lazy to condition your flowers, YES Carnations are your new best buds!

8. The U-Make-Life-So-Easy Sassy Red

9. The I-Can-Always-Count-On-You Crab Claw

I'll address choices 8 and 9 together. The Sassy Red and Crab Claw, are definitely Malaysia's cut flower pride. They carry the symbolism of Perfectionism. Be it corporate or party, whenever you re out-of-time and out-of ideas, a few stems of these will throw your worries aside. 

10. The Dainty Baby's Breath. The Gysophilla a.k.a Baby's breath signifies Innocence. It is every other flowers' best friend when it come to mix and match. Of course, of late, it has taken a pride in decoration by standing boldly alone by itself. If you are a fan of surprises, you might just wanna try this at your next dinner event.


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